President of IMSSA

Nape Mojapelo

As President of the Institute of Mine Surveyors of South Africa, I would like to welcome you all to this great event in the calendar of the Geomatics profession, the second Africa Geo conference which brings interaction, collaboration and building capacity amongst the delegates.

If you want to do business in AFRICA this is the conference to attend as this conference focuses on doing business in Africa and in understanding African Land Reforms. Africa is endowed with minerals such as gold, copper, diamonds and platinum group metals to name a few. To exploit these minerals the professionals need to advise the investors about the legal framework and the administrative procedures so that they can be able to understand the environment that they will be investing in. The interaction among colleagues and discussions that will be held will enhance and make sure that there is an understanding of how African countries legal framework for mineral resources operate and how these countries have developed in Geomatics and the opportunities that are available in Africa.
In developing these resources the Geomatics professions plays a major role in unlocking these resources and making it easier for them to be mined economically for the mutual benefit of the investor and the countries where mining takes place. There have been developments in new technologies that make it easier to identify resources, do a geological model, design mining methods and mine the resource. These can only be attributed to combined efforts of Geomatic professionals working in conjunctions with other industry professional to enhance the outcomes of mining.

Africa is open for business as conflicts in war torn countries are replaced by democratically elected governments. Due to the reduction of conflicts in African countries being replaced by democratically elected governments these bring some opportunities that has being unlocked due to peace and stability and could never exist due to conflicts. There are opportunities such as the modernization of two existing railways sections in Tanzania and the discovery of oil and gas in West and Southern Africa. This allows the Geomatic professionals to explore new ways and methods of doing their work more cost effectively in bringing new infrastructure in those countries.

To our foreign delegates South Africa is a very beautifully country with lots of tourist attractions, great beaches and good national parks. . Starting with the Western Cape Province there are lots of tourist attractions to explore such as the Robben Island museum and the Cape Point. In Gauteng you can visit Maropeng in the cradle of Human Kind and also the Mandela square in the heart of Sandton. Please take an opportunity to explore the country and interact with the people of South Africa and see this beautiful country of ours. Take time and enjoy our cuisine, national parks and the lovely landscape of our country..

I wish you well in this conference and travel well back to your respective homes.

Nape Mojapelo
South African Institute of Mine Surveyors.