Building Mozambique’s Cadastre


Land Management in Africa

Full Paper Review



Bruno Nobre Lopez, Verde Azul Consultants , Mozambique,


The majority of land parcels in Mozambique are not formalized nor registered in the National Cadastre, however systematic first-time registration efforts, mostly known as land tenure regularization (ltr), are now very appealing in both rural areas and urban areas (municipalities). The cadastre authorities would need to issue titles for land use rights to large numbers of citizen-occupants.

These authorities, both local and national, face a series of critical issues such as: taking into account available resources and a reasonable timeframe for building a national cadastre should the mapping precision normally required for private land use rights applicant’s be adjusted for publicly-sponsored systematic regularization?,; and should, under the petition for a land parcel, the requirement for state-approved development plans for all individual parcels be relaxed?. This paper intends to show ‘pros and cons’ of using available high technology system (GNSS handheld dataloggers) and qualified personnel to reduce costs and also show that there is no need to compromise established regulation.

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