Academic Track double-blind peer-reviewed papers

17 GIS mapping and Analysis for informal settlement upgrading in Cape Town. A case study of Monwabisi Park
19 The Effect of GIS Data Quality on Infrastructure Planning: School Accessibility in the City of Tshwane, South Africa
21 A  Spatial Multiple Criteria approach for poverty eradication planning
23 Communal land tenure: can policy planning for the future be improved?
28 GIS Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Livestock Borehole allocation in Tribal Land in Ngamiland District, Botswana
33 Exploring Spatial Growth Pattern of Settlements in Customary Land – A study of Adams Rural, KwaZulu-Natal.
34 A Seamless Land to Sea Cadastre: A South African perspective
35 Assessing the Quality of OpenStreetMap Data in South Africa in Reference to National Mapping Standards
37 Simplification Algorithm for Airborne Point Clouds
45 The development of a method for semi-automatic classification of built-up areas from aerial imagery
46 Towards evaluating the map literacy of planners in 2D maps and 3D models in South Africa
51 Evaluation of the accuracy of the SAGEOID 2010 model in the Cape Peninsula
53 Using Ortho-Rectified Imagery to Delineate Land Rights
62 A Pragmatic Approach for Lens Distortion Correction from a Fictitious Image
64 A precedent-setting case of allodial ownership of customary land in Ghana
65 Validating the Accuracy of a GIS-Based Accessibility Analysis to Determine Public Primary Health Care Demand in Metropolitan Areas
67 GWIMS: a FOSS based water infrastructure management tool for the City of Gweru, Zimbabwe
68 The Use Of MODIS Time Series Data To Map Chl_a and CDOM Variability in Lake Victoria
69 African emerging small towns: Assessing the changing environment due to urban growth
74 Identification of Optimal Field Spectral Measurements Wavebands for Discriminating among Spatial Features in support of Mapping Using Hyper-spectral Imagery
75 Peri- Urban Infrastructure Development through Community Participation: A Case Study of Yasore, Ghana
166 Assessment of SPOT 6 imagery for mapping the invasive alien plant species Pinus spp. in a mountainous area of the Western Cape