Agriculture as a tool in African development (Nigeria)


Geomatics for Africa

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Benedicta Amarachi Ugwulebo, The African coordinator of FIG Young Surveyors Network, Nigeria,


This paper entails how agriculture is a mega business in Nigeria, a business type that has not being fully or better managed; it is a business that can empower Nigerians and its investors. It entails the agriculture and land reform in Nigeria, how agribusiness can be profitable, the areas of agribusiness one should invest (the type of farming and the locations for such farming).

Also the strategies and steeps on how to go about it, which has to deal with the following: agribusiness and land reform management, investing (investors -how to come in, who to partner with for the purpose of the investment, marketing, economic development and policies), management through the use of Geomatics (better agriculture efficiency through the use of Geomatics, advisor networking – key player to better productivity, managerial structure with the aid of GIS), career and education (employment as a key factor, empowerment – training and workshop, grassroots participation – gender inequality). The conclusion in the study was the creation of the most accessible and affordable way to create tactile ways of improving the business environment in our partner countries is demonstrating real impact and benefits for businesses by combining the most important environmental features in agribusiness which can help in the countries and investors achievement with the aid of geomatics application.

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