An Integrated Web Mapping Solution to assess the effect of Sea Level Rise on the Northern Coast of EGYPT – EGSLR



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Aymen Solyman, Sadat University, Egypt,


In its 2007 assessment, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) declared the Nile Delta one of three sites on earth that are most vulnerable to sea level rise. The Panel projected a global average surface temperature will increase by one to 3.5C with an associated rise in sea level of 15 to 95cm by 2100.

Several recent assessments suggest this figure could be much higher. In one study that considered the impact of a 1m SLR for 84 developing countries, Egypt was ranked the second highest with respect to the coastal population affected, 3rd highest for coastal GDP affected and 5th highest for proportion of urban areas affected. In this study, in this paper presents the methodology of building an integrated web map solution to access the effect of the SLR scenarios (WHAT IF) on the northern coast of EGYPT EGSLR.

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