Analysing the Cadastral Template Using a Grounded Theory Approach


Cadastral theory and modelling

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Simon Antony Hull, University of Cape Town, South Africa,


The Cadastral Template contains a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data gathered from 47 nations over the past decade, but there has been little analysis of the qualitative data component to date. What has been done focuses on the Oceania region and groups countries according to their level of development. Also there have been several additions and updates to the data since the last published analysis in 2010. A more thorough qualitative analysis needs to be undertaken, and for this a grounded theory approach is advocated.

The analysis to date focuses on the purpose of cadastral systems, with the aim of extending this analysis to include the state of development of cadastral systems around the world, including the challenges faced and how these challenges are being addressed. The results of this analysis should assist policy-makers and land administrators in developing the cadastre in Africa. This is a work in progress and initial results only are reported here.

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