Benefits of Crowdsourcing for Utilities and Local Authorities


Technological Innovations

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Oliver Zimmermann, Hexagon Geospatial, Switzerland,


Within the last five years, the use of smartphones and tablet computers has skyrocketed. Today, they provide millions of citizens and employees with the ability to stay connected anytime, anywhere. By using apps applications designed especially for mobile smart devices citizens have unlimited possibilities to share geospatial information. Wouldn’t it be great if your citizens could report issues directly into your system from a smartphone? A citizen could simply take a picture, choose a category, and perhaps add some extra information about the issue.

The utilities and local authorities could then receive it into their system directly through open GIS standards. This method of addressing saves time and money, and optimizes infrastructure management. During this presentation, we will demonstrate the HEXAGON GEOSPATIAL technology that can enable this streamlined vision to become reality in your jurisdiction.

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