Chief Surveyor-General wiki style documentation – the story so far


Cadastre & Land Administration

Full Paper Review



Darryl Bailey, Surveyor-General, South Africa,


This is an update of the presentation which put forward the idea and reasons for going with wiki style documentation for the offices of the Surveyors-General; presented at AfricaGeo 2011.The first presentation was more of an academic look at the concept of a wiki with an emphasis on the business case for going with a wiki format of documentation.

This paper now primarily looks at the more concrete steps leading up to full implementation. It essentially covers the plan envisaged in rolling out this project. It will also highlight some lessons learnt as well as other possibilities that could be followed.Even though it is a presentation of a planned for implementation of a specific project to convert (or formaulate) the documentation of the Chief Surveyor-General into a wiki style, the presentation will show that the wiki is not an end product in itself but is indeed the key instrument in achieving this end result of a wiki style of documentation.

No full paper was submitted