3D Indoor modelling using a gaming-engine


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Zaid Gangraker, University of Cape Town, South Africa, gngzai001@myuct.ac.za
George Sithole, University of Cape Town, South Africa, george.sithole@uct.ac.za


This paper looks at the creation of 3D indoor models using a gaming-engine. Gaming engines are well known and have been widely used for many years. They are the core of any video-game. They provide a rich set of tools for representing and interacting with virtual imagined environments. They can also be used to represent virtual real environments such as the interior of buildings. This study examines the use of a gaming engine for indoor modeling for the web and mobile platforms and discusses the suitability of a gaming engine for creating interactive and feature rich indoor models.

The concepts are tested by creating an indoor model of the second and third floors the Menzies building located on the Upper Campus of the, University of Cape Town. The implementation of the gaming-engine allowed for the system to be labeled as a navigation aid as well as allowing for user interaction with surroundings. The system is web-based.

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