A comprehensive satellite constellation for land administration assessment and monitoring


GNSS and Geodesy

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Africa as continent offers some of the richest natural resources in the world. It isrecognised by its pristine beauty of wild animals, wide undisturbed naturalenvironments and indefinite potential for development and economic growth. Itis also true that the Africa continent face various harsh challenges primarilycaused by the humans that occupy it. Addressing basic principles for prosperitysuch as education, leadership, political stability, health, population growthmanagement, infrastructure, management of all resources, industrialisation ofproducts, attracting investment, etc. is all stepping stones to establish asustainable economy for any country.Suitableland administration as a key principle to assess and monitoring progress withinany country is a foundation block to measure progress.

If land is not managedin a sustainable way to optimise prosperity, then the logic is the depletion ofwealth and value of such a country. During this article a few examples will be illustrated using aconstellation of earth observation satellites operated by Astrium topractically demonstrate the value of geo-monitoring as well as the spatial informationthat can be derived from it. When such spatial information are analysed in atime series method, then evidence of the status quo on the groundbecomes factual. Satellites such as SPOT 1 to 6,  Pléiades, and TerraSAR-X is key in thisexercise and application areas such as mining, agriculture, infrastructure(power plants, roads, dams) and housing developments will be inter alia illustrated.

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