A Spatial Multiple Criteria approach for poverty eradication planning


GIS for spatial analysis

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Roger Hubert Daniels, Western Cape Government, South Africa, jasmynboy@gmail.com
Julian Smit, University of Cape Town, South Africa, julian.smit@uct.ac.za


Poverty eradication as a policy issue has received significant attention since the promulgation of the National Development Plan (NDP). The NDP envisages that by 2030 income poverty should be eradicated. To do this government must accurately target their interventions ensuring that the intended population benefits from these interventions.

In order to define these communities in need, a GIS MCDM methodology is proposed. This methodology was applied to the City of Cape Town study area. The results of the analysis show that there exist many small poverty pocket areas in the City of Cape Town. The analysis also shows that while current capital budget spending partially addresses these poorer communitie, significant fiscal leakage are still evident.

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