Continuous Representation of Reality at Bamburgh Castle


Laser Scanning and 3D modelling

Full Paper Review



Andrew Evans, Topcon Europe Positioning B.V., Great Britian,
Jon Skelton, Topcon Europe Positioning B.V.,Great Britian,


Most datasets are isolated and easily taken out of context. For heritage sites it is clearly important to know how everything fits together to complete the whole story and aid understanding and analysis.

Topcon believe there is no single tool that can efficiently meet the demands of multi-level detail site documentation and so offer a portfolio of products to cover data collection and recording at multiple scales and levels of detail. This paper showcases work completed for the CYARK500 project highlighting the easy combination of close range photogrammetry of small items, for example a crest on a wall; the terrestrial scan of a bigger part of the wall, showing the connection to the internal scanning; images and line work from Imaging Total Stations and GNSS Survey, great for topographic overview; mobile mapping data driven around the site to achieve complete site awareness and UAS data to cover areas where there was no foot or vehicular access. To conclude the paper addresses solutions for disseminating this information to project shareholders and the general public.

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