Critical parameters for successful roll-out of GIS projects


GISc, mapping and cartography

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Renier Balt, SMC Synergy, South Africa,


Whilst the requirement for top quality GIS tools, Systems design, Data models and Data design is undisputed for success in GIS implementation projects, the size and importance of peripheral parameters are often underestimated or ignored, to the detriment of project outcome. This paper will explore and highlight how some of these could be integrated in projects to increase success in implementation, from project concept through to sustainable operations. The subjects that will be explored, include: The Marketing of Technology intensive offerings (including GIS systems) often lead to over-promise and under-delivery.

What is non-negotiable in the marketing plan and message for GIS products and services? Project Management or a roadmap for implementation is important. How to find the balance between overburdening planning and control, and unintended outcomes or failure Organisational Culture plays a large role, especially for the roll-out of technology projects like GIS; resistance to change is to be expected. Some guidelines are shared Pricing and cost is important, new affordable GIS software increases access to available and affordable datasets.

How this influences opportunity and the approach to projects Some practical examples are shared to demonstrate the value of these aspects and increase the probability for project success.

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