Custom solutions for Mine Monitoring


Geomatics in Mining

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Steve Cooper, Topcon Europe Positioning B.V., Great Britian,
Andrew Evans, Topcon Europe Positioning B.V., Great Britian,


The Topcon Monitoring Solution are the best monitoring tools available. During this session experts from Topcon will discuss the advantages of the instruments for monitoring jobs in the mine such as slope stability and tunnelling measurements. Monitoring solutions are essential for cost effective risk management in the mining environment.

These systems need to be robust, reliable, effective and easy to operate.Furthermore whilst there can be no cost placed on implementing a system that minimises risk to life, the ability to use any number of instruments including those already available to mine operators makes innovative software solutions such as the MSP RAPID on-board an attractive solution. This technical forum focuses on the instruments available from Topcon combined with the MSP products that can be used to maximise productivity from your existing or affordable measurement tools.

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