Development Of A New South African Land-Cover Dataset Using Automated Mapping Techniques


Remote Sensing

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Mark William Thompson, GeoTerraImage , South Africa,


This talk will discuss the development of a new South African Land-Cover dataset that will be generated from remotely sensed imagery using automated mapping techniques. Automated modelling procedures offer significant advantages in terms of data standards, processing time, repeatability and accurate change detection; when compared to more conventional image mapping approaches.

Building on GeoTerraImage’s significant past experience in land-cover mapping a new, automated mapping approach has been successfully developed. This has now been implemented as an operational procedure for generating base-level land-cover patterns from multi-seasonal Landsat 8 imagery circa 2013-14. This process allows rapid production of foundation cover classes that can be easily converted into more detailed land-cover information categories. Furthermore the technique can be retrospectively applied to historical Landsat imagery in order to generate historical land-cover datasets for change detection. This method is now being used to produce a new 2013 South African national land-cover dataset, which will be followed by comparable historical land-cover data.

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