Evaluating National Spatial Data Infrastructure readiness for Zimbabwe


Spatial Data Infrastructures

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Juliana Useya, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, juseya@eng.uz.ac.zw
Sydney Togarepi, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, stogarepi@eng.uz.ac.zw
Tarirai Masarira, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, tmasarira@eng.uz.ac.zw


Being a third world country, there is a lot of development still taking place in Zimbabwe. Several agencies both in the public and private domain collect and maintain enormous amount of spatial data for their day to day activities. However, information on the accessibility of this data is not available to common users, thereby depriving the utility of this precious information at the right place at the required time.

Aiming to promote spatial data sharing, in 2010 Zimbabwe resuscitated the efforts of establishing National Spatial Data Infrastructure which had been started as early as the 1980s. These initial efforts died due to various reasons. In order not to face the same fate, this research seeks to evaluate the on-going process in order to assess the readiness of harnessing National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the country and evaluate the best ways/methods to raise awareness in Zimbabwe and promote geographic information capacity building. CIPP and CIRO evaluation models are implemented. Two workshops were held, in 2011 and in 2012 mainly to raise awareness and to discuss the National Spatial Data Infrastructure structure respectively.

A prototype geoportal was developed by a student from the University of Zimbabwe and is awaiting presentation to stakeholders at a National Spatial Data Infrastructure expo to be hosted sometime in 2014. The research concluded that Zimbabwe is ready to embrace the National Spatial Data Infrastructure which is strongly supported by the Surveyor General taking responsibility. All stakeholders are being encouraged to join relevant workgroups to operationalise the structure and make National Spatial Data Infrastructure a reality.

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