GLS-2000: Taking Laser Scanning to the Next Level


Technological Innovations

Full Paper Review



Andrew Evans, Topcon Europe Positioning B.V., Great Britian,
Nick Russill, TerraDat Geophysics, Great Britain,


At InterGEO 2013 in Essen, Topcon announced the GLS-2000 terrestrial laser scanner to the Geospatial Industry. Adapting to the demands of the LiDAR industry, but also future-proofing their innovation in this area, the instrument has a number of key technological features that indicate where future hardware developments will take this growing business sector.

This paper discusses the results of initial field trials and the implementation of LiDAR with the GLS-2000 in day-to-day survey activity, highlighting the significant advantages and unique features of the laser scanning hardware and sofware. Some of the key features include: dual-cameras, target scanning using conventional survey prisms, fast high-precision mass-data collection and cloud to cloud registration. The advantages for successful implementation of scanning into the end user’s business plan together with tips for optimal best practice will be presented and discussed.

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