Initial Testing Of The Use Of A Data Coding Method To Process Qualitative Data In A Rural South African Case Study


Cadastral theory and modelling

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Jennifer Whittal, University of Cape Town, South Africa,
Khanyisa Rikhotso, University of Cape Town, South Africa,


A new conceptual model has been proposed for the land rights continuum (Whittal, 2014). A set of tables to categorise the objects, subjects, rights types and values associated with land accompanies that proposal. These tables are a tool to categorise the land situation in an area of interest. The land rights types and land values inform the horizontal dimension of the model while the land tenure indicators of legitimacy, legality and complexity form the triple vertical axes. However, additional information is required to obtain a rich/deeper understanding of the land tenure situation.

Fieldwork was conducted in Giyani in South Africa in 2013/14. This paper tests a form of primary (interview) data collection and coding in order to obtain essential information both to populate the four tables of Whittal (2014) and to provide additional land rights and tenure information. Generation of the tables and modelling of the land rights continuum for Giyani using all these tools will be conducted as the next stage of the research.

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