Measurement, Specifications, Clients and Cheques – RICS Measured Surveys guidance 3rd ed 2014


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James Kavanagh, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors , Great Britain,


Measurement, be it of land, buildings and utilities, is central to the core practice of all surveyors around the world. But how do we ensure consistency in measurement and specification?

How do we communicate these needs to clients? in a language they understand? and how do we price accordingly? RICS has recently reviewed the seminal ‘measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities 3rd ed 2014’ introducing important new elements such as a ‘detail survey accuracy table’, an expanded digital deliverables section, integrated survey feature tables within each survey section, new sections on engineering surveying (construction setting out and deformation survey, inclusion of International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) and Survey4BIM standards, expanded and enhanced sections on survey grid and control. This presentation will focus on the new guidance note and its global applicability and its direct connection to professionalism and regulation.

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