Real time flood inundation modelling for Midnapore-Kharagpur Development Authority (Mkda) planning region of West Medinipur District, West Bengal, India



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Abhisek Chakrabarty, Vidyasagar University- Midnapore, India,


Natural disaster like flood and water logging is a worldwide phenomenon. In India, during intense monsoon, not only the rural areas but the urban areas are also badly affected by water logging. Midnapore Kharagpur Development Authority (MKDA) planning region of West Bengal is not an exception. This research is a fundamental step to assess flood inundation and water logging vulnerability of MKDA and their real time display on map, which can aid the decision making process of MKDA authority during heavy downpour.

FLO-2D – a two-dimensional flood routing model, has been used to simulate runoff (channel flow, unconfined overland flow, street flow etc.) over complex topography. Spatial information on land use land cover, elevation, slope magnitude, slope direction, soil condition, and sewerage condition were incorporated in the model design; finally rainfall duration and amount are used as input to get the inundated areas as output. Model generated inundated areas of a real storm have been compared with actual inundated area extracted from microwave imagery (RADAR SAT-1) of the same date and with primary field survey map for validation of the model.

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