Revolutionising Data Dissemination


Spatial Statistical Data management

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Marlanie Moodley, Statistics South Africa, South Africa,


Since the introduction of the world wide web at the end of the last century, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Time is the new currency, and in a world of information overload, attracting and holding a person’s interest and attention is a huge challenge. In a generation of smartphones and twitter information needs to be instantaneous and to the point. Technical terminology should not be a stumbling block to the general public engaging with data.My research paper is about how one can use currently available technology to put a spin on data dissemination. Gone are the days of producing 50 page documents filled with endless tables and copious paragraphs of explanations.

People want to visualise complex sets of data and intimately engage with this information. I will show how the many geospatial analytical tools within GIS software coupled with current web advancements can achieve this. Furthermore, I will demonstrate how statistical concepts can be visually explained with the use of these tools in a simple and non-threatening manner that a person without a statistical background can grasp. Keywordstechnology, dissemination, , geospatial analytical tools, statistical concepts

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