The use of tablets in teaching Geomatics: An academics experience


Innovations in Education

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Thabo Ntsoko, University of Cape Town, South Africa,
Kevin Musungu, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa,


Over the last few years there have been huge advancements in technology. These advancements have led to the proliferation of mobile computers, smart phones, tablets etc. There are vast similarities between smart phones and tablets of the same brand. Furthermore, many applications that run on tablets also run on similar smart phones. Notably though, although ownership of tablets is still uncommon among students at university, the ownership of smart phones is quite common. Various scholars have called for the use of technology, internet and social in the classroom.

They argue that since students already have an interest in using these tools, they are ideal platforms for teaching. However few studies report on the potential use of tablets and smart phones for teaching. This paper reports on a case study in the use of tablets for teaching Geomatics. It presents a methodology for the development and use of Geomatics applications for teaching basic concepts at undergraduate level.

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