Ogun State, Nigeria: An SDI and Land Administration System built with FOSS


Spatial Data Infrastructures

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Gavin Fleming, AfriSpatial, South Africa,
Tobi Sowole, SpatialMatrix, Nigeria,


Ogun State in Nigeria started implementation in 2012 of their first digital Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). At its core are new Land Information and Land Administration Systems. A new physical survey reference framework, digital document management system and detailed household field survey are other components. All are brought together with each other and with other Government data holdings through a web portal and desktop tools that are used in dispersed locations in Ogun State and across Government departments.

All software is Free and Open Source (FOSS) or services-based. Vector data are housed in a PostGIS-enabled database. Spatial data are published via Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services using Geoserver and GeoWebCache. A custom implementation of the 1Map web application provides web-based users with an interactive geospatial portal, with search facilities, editing, printing and other functionality. A QGIS plugin was developed to assist with beacon and parcel capture. Editing takes place directly on the SDI database and the results are instantly visible to web portal users. Desktop and web users with different roles can thus connect to a central SDI to perform their various roles. Use of the SDI is being promoted across other departments.

This paper will cover the implementation in more detail, including the reasons for using FOSS, challenges and successes and other aspects of a case study. It will also touch on international collaboration (Nigeria-South Africa) and demonstrate how an SDI together with Open Source Software and Open Data can support land reform in Africa.

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